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May 2011 Issue

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  Event News
TechConnect Summit and Expo 2011

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June 13-16, 2011
Hynes Convention Center

Boston, MA, US.

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  Innovation & Investment:

TechConnect Summit 2011: F500 Corporate Partnering Program Announced - F500 Corporate Partnering Speakers Address Investment & Technology Areas of Interest in the Areas of Nanotech, CleanTechnology, and Biotech - Executive Speakers Include: Applied Materials, Merck, Novartis, BASF, BP, Kodak, Dow, Panasonic, Omron, Toray, and More!...View Program


Saudi Arabia Unveils World’s Largest University for Women - Princess Nora University will be able to enroll close to 50,000 students, and includes three research centers for nanotechnology, bioscience, and IT...Read more


3M Invests in GoNano Technologies - GoNano Technologies was selected to present at TechConnect Ventures in Anaheim, 2010...Read more


Save the Date! TechConnect Venture Forum Takes Place June 16, 2011! - Corporate Venture Capital Session, business pitches, and networking reception with global business and investment executives in the areas of nanotech, cleantech, and biotech....Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

TechConnect Summit 2011: Advanced Materials and Chemicals IP & Venture Program Announced - Advanced Materials, Chemicals - Presenters Include: Aeonian Bricks, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Catacel, CondAlign-Norway, CSIRO-Australia, KITECH-US and Korea, MesoCoat, NDSU Research Foundation, Opalux, Pixelligent Technologies, PUCRS-Brazil, SixPoint Materials, US Department of Energy, Univalor-Canada, and More!....View the Program


IP Spotlight: Even lighter and stronger reinforced composites, ETH Zurich, Switze - Main feature of the technology is the deliberate control of the orientation of reinforcing elements in polymer-based advanced composites....Read more


International University Research Team Develop Method to Look Inside Nanomaterials in 3D - Novel method can generate a 3D picture of a structure within a material....Read more

  Electronics & Microsystems

TechConnect Summit 2011: Electronics and Microsystems IP & Venture Program Announced - Electronics, Microsystems, Semiconductors, and Sensors - Presenters Include: Arkansas Power Electronics International, CSEM SA, ETH-Zurich, Linear Signal, mc10, McGill University, nanoLambda, National University of Singapore, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Univalor-Canada, University of Minnesota, University of Waterloo-Canada, Valeo Management-Canada, and More!...View the Program


UCLA and Hewlett Packard Able to Analyze the Details of Memristors - Production of these electronic circuits could be used to mimic the network of the human brain ....Read more


Intel’s Tri-Gate 3D Technology Will Appear in Phones by End of 2011 - Intel’s “3D” chips are designed to reduce power and improve performance of devices that use 22-nm chips ....Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

TechConnect Summit 2011: Biotech, Pharma, Medical IP & Venture Program Announced - Cellanyx, Cosmas Therapeutics, Lund University, NanoMedical Systems, Quegen Biotech, SOCPRA-Canada, The Ohio State University, University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB), UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine, WaveGuide, and More!..View the Program


NanoBio Corporation Enters into Two Phase III Trials for their Novel Topical Treatment for Cold Sores - NanoBio has licensing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline for this technology....Read more


Alkermes to Merge with Elan and Become Alkermes plc - Alkermes and Elan to be combined under a new holding company to be incorporated in Ireland by Q3 2011...Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

TechConnect Summit 2011: Energy and Efficiency, Renewable Energy IP & Venture Program Announced - Energy & Efficiency, Water Technologies, Solar Power, Transportation - Presenters Include: AgroSci, Algal Scientific, Angstron Supercapacitor, Arizona State University, Enerize, Energy Compression, Hydrovolts, ICN-Institut Catala De Nanotechnologia-Spain, Imperial Innovations-UK, IL Fuels, MountainLogic, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, MSBiV-Canada, Simpleafy, University of Windsor, and More!....View the Program


Activated Graphene Makes Superior Supercapacitors for Energy Storage - New material combines high storage capacity with quick energy release and unlimited recharge...Read more


New ORNL solar cell technology cranks up efficiency - Because of efficient charge transport, the new solar cell can tolerate defective materials and reduce cost in fabricating next-generation solar cells.

...Read more

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