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May 14 - 17, 2017, Washington DC

FullScaleNANO, Inc: NanoMet: Automated Dimensional Analysis of Nanomaterials


FullScaleNANO created a new software called NanoMet to convert images of nanomaterials into usable data. NanoMet is objective software that yields thousands of measurements in seconds at a cost of penny's per measurement. It is easy to use, reliable, fast and available as a webapp or customized service.

Primary Application Area: Materials, Chemical

Technology Development Status: Commercial Product



NanoMet technology is advancing the nanomaterials industry by providing an automated and reliable software system for characterization of the size and shape of nanomaterials (and other larger materials) from microscope images. The software is capable of automatically measuring the size and shape of target objects in a batch of images and produces an easy to read dimensional analysis report. The far greater number of measurements collected by NanoMet is beyond what a human could accomplish manually with existing open-source or enterprise image processing software. Current capabilities include automatic characterization and reporting of particle diameter, fiber diameter & length and rupture/pore area. Image scale calibration can be done by NanoMet with several methods including the use of NIST traceable standard reference materials. FSN is continuing to grow its algorithm library to serve new markets and expand its functionality to cutting edge applications like 3D dimensional analysis and dimension-to-performance correlations.



Value Proposition:NanoMet automatically converts images from a wide range of microscopies into quantifiable and statistically reliable data. The data is objective, repeatable, and as it is not reliant on manual object identification thus making it not subject to operator bias and fatigue. It performs thousands of measurements a second, and at a cost of penny’s per measurement. This high speed and sampling rate allow for rigorous QA/QC standards to be applied to nanomaterials where a premium is paid for material conforming to specific morphological standards. NanoMet’s high throughput is also valuable to any nanomaterials applications subject to regulatory review, such as FDA nanomedicine approval. With applications to R&D, QA/QC, and regulatory approval, NanoMet is a tool for improving productivity, saving money, and accelerating regulatory approval.



National Innovation Awardee

Organization Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)




Vetted Programs/Awards: National Science Foundation SBIR Bootcamp

SBIR/STTR Awards: $150,000 National Science Foundation SBIR Phase 1