TechConnect Innovator Spotlight:

TechConnect World Innovation Conference
May 14 - 17, 2017, Washington DC

Miniaturized Gas Chromatography (GC) for ubiquitous applications, GIANT


GC is a critical technology for many process industries but remains a cumbersome process, involving large analysis systems housed in bulky shelters, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase and significantly adding to the cost and complexity of the industrial processes these systems monitor.

Primary Application Area: Manufacturing, Instrumentation

Technology Development Status: Ready to Market



The heart of APIX technology is a nano-metric resonating device (NEMS – Nano Electro Mechanical System) collectively manufactured, assembled and tested using state of the art semiconductor technology. The sensitivity of this patented device (tens of ppb level for VOCs) and its ability to work with any kind of carrier gases without loss of performance makes APIX detection technology unique and highly competitive. Ambient air can thus be used as a carrier gas, thereby eliminating the need for expensive bottled gas. Coupled with an additional silicon-based micro TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector), the whole detection scheme enables outstanding performances ranging from light species (permanent gases) to heavy compounds (VOCs, hydrocarbons up to C40 etc…), including sulfur or chloral-based analytes. The system intelligence is currently fully integrated within a small footprint plug& play module enabling easier use and maintenance, quick analysis with multiplexed modules or wider application area with several specific modules assembled in a single system. APIX family of analyzers offer a unique cost (CAPEX and OPEX), performance, an ease-of-use combination that sets them apart from all other available micro-GC products, and offers a credible alternative to large, expensive lab GC’s.



Value Proposition: Change the use model for GC-based systems to bring the analytical power closer to the sample. Democratization of GC technology for ubiquitous applications, including smart gas grid (smart metering) and smart air grid (air quality), representing multiple millions of devices per year within the next 10 years.



National Innovation Awardee

Organization Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)



Vetted Programs/Awards: PITTCON 2013 Bronze Medal for Innovation, French National Competition Award, European Venture Forum 2014 Award

External Funding to Date: Round A closed in April 2015 for 3.7 M€ + industrial supports for 1M€