TechConnect Innovator Spotlight:

TechConnect World Innovation Conference
May 14 - 17, 2017, Washington DC

Disruptive, New Odor Removal Technology, UltraTech International Inc.


This is a new technology that uses nano/micro sized particles to eliminate malodors in an effective and safe manner. It removes odors such as smoke, rotting food, body/foot odors, per odors, urine, bathroom odors and more. It scientifically removes the odors, not just relying on flowery scents.

Primary Application Area: Materials, Chemical

Technology Development Status: Commercial Product



Aveho (which means to remove in Latin) was developed by Kimberly Clark scientists over a twelve year effort. UltraTech obtained the exclusive rights to the technology and commercialized it in November 2015. The technology uses nano/micron sized particles that are imbedded with specific metal oxides to physically adsorb the malodor molecules or catalytically convert them into smaller non-odorous particles. Because it is a selective process, it last months/years rather than days, as seen with activated carbon that absorbs all odors, good and bad. Aveho leaves an environment odor-neutral. Aveho does not have the limitation that cyclodextrins have. Cyclodextrins release the odor they trap if they get wet. So if a user re-sprays a room again, the wetness of the re-spray can release the previously trapped odors. This partially explains why some cyclodextrins have added a flowery scent to cover up this flaw. Aveho can be used in the air, water, oil, or solvents. It can be made into a liquid, dry powder, attached to fabric or imbedded in paint, fibers, trash bags, etc.



Value Proposition: It removes odors such as smoke, rotting food, body/foot odors, per odors, urine and bathroom odors. It can be used where applications have a issue with odors created by sulfides, ammonia, smoke, amines, isovaleric acids, aldehydes and nitrates. It does not cover up the scents with flowery sprays. It removes the odors. It does so in an extremely effective manner. Having a true odor removal product at a favorable price point creates a real value to consumers, commercial and industrial users. Combining it into other products such as kitty litter, trash bags, air filters, carpeting, clothing, etc. brings new opportunities to manage and eliminate odors.



National Innovation Awardee

Organization Type: Corporation