Innovation Spotlight: Svaya Molecular Layer Deposition

November 13, 2012 02:00 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: Svaya Nanotechnologies, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Santa Clara, CA, 2012

Svaya develops and delivers an integrated solution for the deposition of nanostructured thin films that enable our customers to make their products more valuable and to create revolutionary new products.  Svaya’s technology is spray-based, layer-by-layer deposition process that produces highly uniform, molecular-scale films on large area substrates.  The deposition process takes place in an ambient environment, uses aqueous chemistry and environmentally safe raw materials, offering advantages including multilayer deposition, nanometer scale precision, and low variable, energy and capital costs. 

Svaya’s initial products are unique optical films for solar control in automobiles and antireflection for flat panel and mobile displays. 


“At Svaya, our mission is to enable our customers to make their existing products better and to develop revolutionary new products,” notes Ben Wang, Founder and Vice President at Svaya.  “The key driver to success is our awesome team.  We have the science, engineering and business expertise that help our customers get their products out to the marketplace.”

To maximize and maintain their position in the market, the company has protected their technology process via patents and also owns worldwide exclusive licenses of the process.  The company currently has more than a dozen patents pending and utility patents already issued. 

Svaya Nanotechnologies was selected to present at the TechConnect Venture Forum in Santa Clara in June 2012.  Dr. Wang tells TechConnect News, “I appreciated the strong showing of industrial partners at TechConnect.  I thought it was a healthy balance of academic work all the way up to industrial projects, a solid venue to find potential partners, funders, customers.”  At TechConnect World 2012, the company had about a dozen 1-1 meetings, and after the conference, they are exploring business opportunities with several companies they met with onsite.

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