Innovation Spotlight: Firefly Power LLC - Distributed Micro Wind for the Masses

November 14, 2012 06:52 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Innovation Tracker: Firefly Power, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Honolulu, HI, 2012

As the cost and demand for electricity increases, consumers want affordable alternatives. Firefly Power LLC manufactures unique, carbon fiber turbines that assemble easily, can be installed almost anywhere, singly or multiple units. Consumers who would like to reduce their electricity costs and carbon footprint are potential Firefly customers.

Firefly Power believes it has found the solution to providing simple, efficient, affordable distributed wind power to the masses through the use of carbon.  “Thanks to carbon fiber, our turbine has maximum efficiency combined with lightweight manufacturing,” notes Janet Janiuk, Co-Founder of Firefly Power.  Originally founded in Canada, Firefly Power now operates in the United States, with (sic) manufacturing operations in South Carolina, because of “its abundance of skilled labor in the carbon fiber industry.”


Since presenting at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit & Expo (APCESE) in Honolulu in August, Janet tells TechConnect, “We continue to grow the business.  We have established manufacturing facilities on both the east and west coast.  We are focused on getting demonstration sites up, as well as being able to do a small production run.” 

Being selected to present at the Project Finance Connect program at APCESE in Hawaii was a great experience for Firefly Power.  “The event elevated our exposure.  Saying we were there and to be accepted to present was a big deal.  We looked at our website traffic in the week following the conference, and saw a 78% increase in it.”  Janet also tells TechConnect News that since presenting in Hawaii, they have been “contacted not only by customers wishing to purchase their wind turbine, but licensers and distributors that liked our product and want to get involved.  We have received inquiries from Hawaii, Wyoming, New York, Illinois, California, even Australia.  The global reach has been amazing.”

Firefly Power was also selected to present at the i2i Awards Program at SXSW Eco in Austin, TX in October.  The i2i Awards is a global competition and challenge program seeking innovations with the greatest potential benefit to our planet and society.

The company was recently accepted to Start Up America  Ms. Janiuk tells TechConnect, “Because of what we learned about Hawaii’s eco-culture and being a test bed for the Unites States for green initiatives, we have been inspired to install two demonstration units in Hawaii in early 2013.”

To learn more about Firefly Power, visit:


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