Innovation Spotlight: Strider Solar, Inc.

November 16, 2012 12:55 PM EST By: Derek Mayer

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: Strider Solar, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Santa Clara, CA, 2012

Strider Solar aims to improve the efficiency of flat panel PV’s by adding a simple and inexpensive optical layer to the front glass of solar panels. To achieve the increased efficiency, the company’s patent pending technology captures some of the sunlight irradiating the “dead spaces” on the panel, including the busbar electrodes and empty spaces between cells.  The company’s model is to sell both a processing tool to solar panel manufacturers, as well as custom optical elements that the tool applies to each panel. It also plans on retrofitting existing PV installations in the future.

Dr. Ze’ev Abrams, CEO of Strider Solar, tells TechConnect News, “Our technology is designed to be compatible with the majority of solar panels on the market today, which consists of front-contact silicon cells (multi-/poly-/mono-crystalline). Our solution is simple and cost-effective, solving most of the problem of unused area on solar panels using an easy-to-integrate method.”

Strider Solar was selected to present at TechConnect World 2012 in Santa Clara.  “It was great to meet one on one with corporations,” notes Dr. Abrams.  “There was a strong, focused group of highly recognized venture partners from both the venture capital and corporate venture community.”

The company recently participated in the final round of the DOE FLoW Renewable Startup Competition, and were Runner-Ups in their regional category at the 2012 CleanTech Open.  Strider Solar is currently a seed level company and is looking for funding and development partners.

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