Motiv Power Systems Receives $13.4 Million Contract from City of Chicago

November 19, 2012 04:24 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: Motiv Power Systems, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Anaheim, CA, 2010

Chicago is ready to be the first in the United States with all-electric, zero-emission garbage truck fleet, thanks to Motiv Power Systems.  Motiv’s electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) made the California-based company a cost-effective choice for the exclusive 5-year contract.

Motiv’s ePCS uses off-the-shelf batteries and motors, which can be mixed and matched to fit the exact size of the electric truck needed.  The company’s research shows its ePCS design approach can slash operating costs by 50 percent over an eight-year period.

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