Innovation Spotlight: 24/7 Solar Storage Solution

December 12, 2012 04:30 PM EST By: Sarah Wenning

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: ADI Solar Corporation, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-ARPA E Energy Innovation Summit, Washington, D.C., 2012

ADI’s design incorporates a chemical thermal storage system, using calcium hydride, that increases energy storage density by 20 times the capacity per kilogram of existing nitrate salt systems.  The patented ADI dual shell Stirling Engine integrated with the reactor provides up to 50% conversion of heat to electricity.
ADI was a finalist in the ARPA-E HEATS program with their design of a solar-thermal energy storage system.  The system is designed to save space and utilizes a 360 degree tracking system to increase solar collection potential. 
Wayne Bliesner, ADI Solar Corporation’s founder, is a 20 year Boeing engineering and scientific veteran. In 2000 he left Boeing to focus on developing a high-temperature Dual Shell Stirling engine. In an effort to provide a high-temperature thermal storage source for the engine, in 2009, Mr. Bliesner formed ADI Solar after developing a solution that will enable the storage of chemical thermal energy through the combination of calcium and hydrogen.  A sub-scale calcium hydride reactor is currently being integrated with a 25 kW stirling engine to demonstrate the two technologies.  The engine will operate for 60 minutes off the reactor using the stored energy.  A lithium vapor heat pipe and boiler combination provides the heat transfer mechanism for the system.

ADI Solar was also a finalist in the ARPA-E MOVE program with a low cost natural gas compressor using lessons learned from their stirling engine development.

Mr. Bliesner tells TechConnect News, “We are working closely with Sandia National Laboratory, Boeing Corporation, University of Washington, Janicki Industries, Precision Cast Parts, and Snohomish Public Utility District to bring this project to market.”

To learn more contact Wayne (at) alternativedesignsinc (DOT) com.


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