Fujitsu Laboratories Develops 4-Wavelength Integrated Silicon Laser for Inter-Processor Data Transmission

March 21, 2013 12:21 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

This technology helps pave the way toward faster inter-processor communications

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu, JP

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited announced this month the development of a four-wavelength integrated silicon laser for optical transceivers that use silicon photonics, a step toward faster data communications between processors.

Fujitsu Laboratories has succeeded in making use of the periodic transparency of ring resonators to generate wide and uniform wavelength spacing of laser light. Also, mounting technologies that precisely connect multiple silicon waveguides
and optical amplifiers on the silicon reduce connection loss between waveguides and achieves a higher power output. The resulting integrated silicon laser has been proven to generate four wavelengths consistently with a wide spacing of 12+/-0.5 nm and high output of +5 dBm.

This technology could lead toward faster inter-processor communications, which will be a key element in future high-performance computers, such as exaflops-class supercomputers and high-end servers.


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