Stopping a Moving Target: Novel 'Blue' Compound Halts Tumor Spread, Improves Brain Cancer Treatment in Animal Studies

March 22, 2013 02:16 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University have designed the new treatment approach

Story content courtesy of Georgia Institute of Technology, US

The researchers treated animals possessing an invasive tumor with a vesicle carrying a molecule called imipramine blue, followed by conventional doxorubicin chemotherapy. The tumors ceased their invasion of healthy tissue and the animals survived longer than animals treated with chemotherapy alone.

The research was supported primarily by the Ian’s Friends Foundation and partially by the Georgia Cancer Coalition, the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation and a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship.

Jack Arbiser, a professor in the Emory University Department of Dermatology, designed the novel imipramine blue compound, which is an organic triphenylmethane dye.


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