Fujikura Exercises Option to License Cellmid’s Diagnostics

July 27, 2013 08:50 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

License is expected to be signed for multiple cancer diagnostic products

Story content courtesy of B3C Newswire, DE

Cellmid supplied Fujikura with its proprietary anti-midkine diagnostic antibodies for validation on Fujikura’s latex platform. Proceeding to a license agreement was conditional on Fujikura reaching accuracy of 500 picogram/ml midkine on its latex diagnostic platform using Cellmid’s antibodies.

Cellmid is an Australian biotechnology company developing innovative novel therapies and diagnostic tests for inflammatory diseases, heart attack and cancer.

Fujikura has since completed this milestone, reached the required accuracy and advised Cellmid of its intention to exercise its Option. The parties will now proceed to a supply and license agreement for the development and marketing of multiple cancer diagnostic products using Fujikura’s latex assay with Cellmid’s MK antibodies.

Established in 1938, Fujikura Kasei Co Ltd is a fine chemical company traditionally with core strengths in coating materials, electro-conductive materials, polymers and resins, serving electronics, automobiles, buildings industries.  With its platform technologies in particle size and shape control, hybridization, functionality and processing, Fujikura Kasei is one of the largest suppliers of latex particles used in medical diagnostic based on latex coagulation technology.


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