Welsh Government Launches Pilot Initiative to Encourage Collaboration Between Large and Small Businesses

July 27, 2013 09:03 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

Seven anchor companies competed and won the Open Innovation Development Award from the government, including General Dynamics.

The seven companies taking part in this new initiative include Cassidian, General Dynamics, IQE, West Utilities, Norgine, Pure Wafer, and Tata Steel.  These companies represent various industries, from pharmaceuticals (Norgine) to security (Cassidian).  The companies are chartered with exploring and documenting “best practice approaches,” to innovation, and will be required to introduce new methods for product and process development. They will also present their findings to a project board and disclose them to the Welsh business community.

Economy Minister Edwina Hart notes in the release: “Wales already lays claims to many new and exciting technologies, and the Welsh Government is committed to maintaining this reputation by encouraging collaboration between locally-based businesses of all sizes wherever possible.”


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