TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: Biodegradable Elastomeric Polymer for Biomedical Applications

February 18, 2014 03:37 PM EST By: Regina Ramazzini

The University of Minnesota, TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit 2013, Washington, DC

The University of Minnesota has developed a biodegradable epoxy-based polymer with great potential in a wide range of biomedical applications from medical device coatings, adhesives, drug delivery, tissue engineering and repair.

The adoption of synthetic biodegradable polymers for biomedical applications has been greatly advanced in the past two decades due to their long-term biocompatibility, degradation and physical properties. However, there still exists the need for new materials that are more easily synthesized, non-toxic, and have very uniform degradation profiles. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have synthesized biodegradable epoxy elastomers via a mild and facile method. The new elastomer is a mechanically strong material that degrades under certain biological conditions. The degradation products are not toxic. Potential applications include drug delivery (demonstrated), medical device coatings, and tissue repair and engineering.

The research of inventor Dr. Chun Wang explores the engineering of polymers that can be used in building biomaterials.  These materials solve problems in both biology and medicine, and are biologically compatible, can target specific cells and tissues in the body, and change their properties in response to physiological signals.

The University of Minnesota presented the polymer technology at last year’s TechConnect National Innovation Summit and has participated in the event for numerous years. TechConnect News asked Ms. Leza Besemann, Technology Strategy Manager, what keeps the university coming back? Ms. Besemann shared: “We have been attending the conference since 2008 and have been selected to present since 2009. The value in presenting our IP lies in the fact that the conference allows us the opportunity to seek potential licensees, and to receive feedback from industry that we may not get otherwise. We use the event as a sounding board for our various technologies and then pass the responses on to the professor or inventor responsible for its development. The conference is also a way for us to understand the technical and business needs of our industry, and to maintain these relationships.”

Currently a PCT application is pending on the Biodegradable Epoxy Elastomer technology.

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