TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: Converting Sun, Water and CO2 to hydrogen or syngas

February 20, 2014 08:54 PM EST By: Regina Ramazzini

Solar Fuel Corporation participated at the TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit 2013, Washington, DC

Solar Fuel Corporation, a spin-out from the University of Florida, is a high-growth solar fuels company employing a patented low pressure/high temperature thermochemical process and proprietary reactor in the conversion of solar energy, water and CO2 to fuel (hydrogen OR syngas).

Unlike other fuel production facilities, the Solar Fuel Facility is flexible and mobile, enabling the production of distributed, on site renewable fuel without transportation costs. The smaller footprint enables the timely and economic construction of production facilities combined with competitive operating costs to produce cost competitive, and non-subsidized drop-in fuels.

Solar Fuel was selected to present at the TechConnect Innovation Summit in Washington DC in May 2013. We asked Kevin Bowles, CEO & President at Solar Fuels if he could share with TechConnect any company updates since the event. Kevin told us: “We have completed the development of the Gen 1 10kW and are testing our Gen 2 10kW facility as we speak.  The Gen 2 design will form the basis of the 100kW pilot facility. We have been fortunate enough to have received significant funding early on and are just starting to get into the funding stage. We are seeking strategic partners willing to invest in Solar Fuel Corporation, who share the vision and see our technology as a compliment to their existing and/or future business.” We are seeing interest from various sectors including oil and gas, utility, military, specialty gases as well as other nations who see the value of what SF is doing because of their energy strategy.

As a second time participant, Mr. Bowles told us, “The reason why I attend the TechConnect conferences is to seek out meetings and potential partnerships. The staff does an exceptional job in making these meetings happen. There is a broad array of companies and technologies in attendance and the event has generated significant interest in Solar Fuel in both the U.S. and internationally, across various industries.”

To date Solar Fuel has raised $3MM from the DOE, $35K from the University of Florida, has successfully produced hydrogen and syngas at the 10kW scale.  Solar Fuel is currently scaling the product and is in discussions with potential strategic partners from oil and gas, military, utilities, municipalities, and other countries.

For more information on Solar Fuels Corporation, visit or contact Kevin Bowles at 919.274.5428 or by email at


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