TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: Highly Sensitive Micron Scale Multiple Biomarker Biosensor

April 17, 2014 08:02 PM EST By: Regina Ramazzini

Biolom, LLC, participated at the TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit 2013, Washington, DC

Innovation Spotlight: Highly Sensitive Micron Scale Multiple Biomarker Biosensor

Biolom, LLC.,  is a company based in Boston, MA specializing in the production of revolutionary biosensors used in diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. Their state-of-the-art technology combines standard semiconductor fabrication techniques with nanotechnology, resulting in low-cost micron-scale biosensors. The biosensors are capable of detecting multiple biomarkers simultaneously with high sensitivity and high specificity. Biolom sensors use very low sample volume (comparable to volume taken from a finger prick) and have fast assay time (1/3 of competitors) making them attractive for potential point of care applications. All these features enable the detection of deadly diseases at very early stages, thus potentially saving many lives. Biolom biosensors decrease the cost involved in detection, monitoring and treatment processes, thereby improving the overall quality of health.

The prototype of the biosensor has been developed through years of collaborative research between NSF Center for High rate Nanomanufacturing, CHN, (directed by Prof. Ahmed Busnaina) and the NIH Center for Translational Cancer Nanomedicine, CTCN, (directed by Prof. Vladimir Torchilin) at Northeastern University. In 2012, Asanterabi Malima, a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and fellow Northeastern alumni Cihan Yilmaz, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and Jaydev Upponi, a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science, co-founded Biolom to translate this prototype biosensor into a commercial product.
The company was selected to present their highly sensitive micron scale multiple biomarker biosensor technology last year at the TechConnect National Innovation Summit. The unique platform technology is a small (0.25mm in diameter) nanoparticle-based biosensor device for simultaneous detection and monitoring of very low levels of multiple biomarkers in biological fluids. The device may be used to detect and monitor whole blood, plasma, and saliva for a variety of diseases such as cancer, as well as cardiac and infectious diseases.

Biolom’s potential market for their sensors stands at over $2B and their targeted customer segmentations consist of in-vitro diagnostics companies, reference laboratories and hospital emergency rooms. Their prototype has been tested in animal models for the monitoring of colorectal cancer and the early detection of cardiovascular diseases.

Cihan Yilmaz, COO at Biolom was kind enough to speak with TechConnect News. We asked Dr. Yilmaz to share any updates or developments since the conference, and he informed us: “Since we presented at the conference last year, one exciting development has been a licensing agreement with Northeastern University.” Biolom has previously raised more than $80K funding from private sources, gap funding from Northeastern University, and from NSF’s I-Corp Program.

After demonstrating their technology over the years, the next step will be to raise federal funding or venture capital for validation of their sensor in a clinical environment. In addition, Biolom is also looking for strategic partnerships to help develop a point-of-care (POC) reader device.
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