TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: CVD Graphene Barrier and Conductive Films for Flexible Organic Electronics

May 16, 2014 08:11 PM EST By: Regina Ramazzini

Graphene Frontiers participated at the TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit 2013, Washington, DC

Graphene Frontiers is an advanced materials and nanotechnology device company based in Philadelphia, PA. The company, building on its core expertise in graphene film production, is developing a graphene-based biosensor platform that will revolutionize diagnostics and chemical detection by shrinking lab-scale processes to automated chip-sized systems with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.

The company was selected to present at last year’s TechConnect National Innovation Summit in D.C.  TechConnect News spoke with the company’s CEO, Michael Patterson. We wanted to hear about what Graphene Frontiers has been engaged in this past year. Mr. Patterson told us that the company had been working on a way to produce their advanced materials at industrial scale and that brought them to the conference last year. In the last 12 months, Mr. Patterson told us: “We’ve taken our material, and are now making graphene-based chemical and biosensors. Our newly launched product is called Six Sensors, and it’s what we will be presenting at the conference next month.” In the past year, the GF team has also received an SBIR Phase II grant award from the National Science Foundation, as well as over $2 million in a private equity investment. The company has doubled in size and is expected to continue to grow through the end of this year.

We asked Mr. Patterson what is bringing him back to the TechConnect conference, and he shared the following: “We made some good connections with potential collaborators last year. For us, what is bringing us back is the combination of potential partners, the one-on-one partner meetings, and the opportunity to see the other innovations.”

“Team Graphene” has a combined 35+ years’ experience with nanotechnology, semiconductor devices, and clinical research. As CEO, Mr. Patterson, is an experienced entrepreneur with two prior startups and holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School. Bruce Willner, Chief Science Officer has deep expertise in graphene and semiconductor devices from Sarnoff, NREL, and Structured Materials. The founders are world leaders in graphene and advanced carbon sensors.

Graphene Frontiers is currently pursuing grant, contracting opportunities and partnerships. They are excited to talk about their product and eager to get it into the hands of companies and customers that are going to use them.

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