Zyvex Marine’s Proprietary Nanocomposite System Incorporated into Long Range Vessel LRV-17

July 19, 2012 01:00 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

LRV-17 is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and sea stabilization

Dubai-based Global Maritime Security Solutions (GMSS), a maritime security company, will deploy the LRV-17 vessels for maritime security and piracy protection off the coast of Africa and surrounding areas in the Pacific Ocean.  Zyvex Technologies believes this is the first time nano-composites have been used as the primary material for a manned vessel.  “As the first molecular nanotechnology engineering company in the marine industry, we are proud to launch a manned vessel platform after successfully proving the unmanned platform and then introducing the industry’s lightest and most durable doors, hatches, and other marine closures,” Byron Nutley, Vice President of Zyvex Technologies and General Manager of Zyvex Marine.


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