Co-Prime Sensor Array Signal Processing

August 01, 2012 10:10 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

Office of Naval Research Deadline: September 21, 2012

This Basic Research Challenge will establish the theoretical foundations of co-prime signal processing – a new waveform sampling strategy that offers the promise of simplified sensor array design, streamlined signal processing, and efficient image formation techniques. In the spatial domain, co-prime array designs have been used to extend the concept of minimally redundant sensor arrays, which span large apertures using far few elements than classical antenna theory dictates.

The Office of Naval Research hereby calls for white papers responding to the Co-Prime Signal Processing Basic Research Challenge topic. The Basic Research Challenge Program was established to competitively select and fund promising research programs in new areas not addressed by current programs. It stimulates new, high-risk basic research projects in multidisciplinary and departmental collaborative efforts, funds topics that foster leading edge science, and attracts new principal investigators and performers.

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