Energetic Materials for Sensitive Data Security, Idaho National Laboratory

October 04, 2017 09:56 AM EST By: Regina Ramazzini

Tools to conclusively destroy data/circuitry when an electronic device is lost, stolen or becomes obsolete, to protect sensitive data and proprietary technology from unauthorized access. Use of energetic technologies would greatly enhance security of data/proprietary technology because an energetic reaction can be initiated by trigger or remote detonation.

Technologies include: 1) Energetic Potting Material: INL researchers developed a patent-pending energetic potting material that will ignite upon command and burn until potted electronics are destroyed and data on them is no longer accessible. 2) Combustible Structural Composites: INL researchers have developed a patented method of including self-destructing capability within the structure of a device by combining a combustible material with structural-reinforcing fibers to create a sturdy composite material that can form load-bearing components of devices and structures. 3) Self-protecting Electronic Circuit: Researchers at INL have designed a patent-pending self-protecting electronic circuit, which includes energetic material within the substrate of the circuit itself. Electronic circuitry, including initiation circuitry, would be integrated into the energetic substrate. 4) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Destroyer: Scientists at INL have designed this patent-pending method and device for permanently and completely destroying hard drives and data. HDD Destroyer will be a portable, easy-to-use device that uses cartridges of pyrotechnic material to melt and deposit metal directly onto the hard drive platen, piercing the hard drive case, destroying magnetic particles on the platen, heating the platen to a temperature that will destroy all stored data, and melt holes into the platen.


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