IP Profile: Mg2Si: Environmentally benign semiconductor material for energy conversion

At our laboratory, we have developed a direct thermal-to-electric power generator using environmentally-benign semiconducting material.

Organization: Tokyo University of Science, JP
Research Team Leader: Dr. Tsutomu Iida, Tokyo University of Science, JP
Primary Market: Energy, Alternative Power Generation
Technology Contact: Dr. T Iida, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Toyko University of Science, JP

IP Overview Courtesy of Dr. Tsutomu Iida, Tokyo University of Science, JP

We feel there should be a way by which to reuse discarded heat, thus reducing the negative impacts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. At our laboratory, we have been developing materials for energy conversion to address global warming. In particular, we are focused on the study of materials for power generation from waste heat and solar heat.

It is generally hard to reuse wasted heat energy because of the low energy density. As a feasible method for reuse of wasted heat, a Thermal-to-electric (TE) solid-state power-generator that converts heat energy directly into electricity offers several benefits, including simple device structure, no moving parts and moderate efficiency. We believe TE energy conversion from waste heat source is a viable technology that can be instrumental in improving the potential conversion efficiency of caloric power generation, such as car engines and high temperature furnaces.

We have also been pursuing environmentally friendly semiconductor energy conversion materials while studying environmentally “low-load” production processes. Environmental semiconductors are semiconductor materials that are abundant on the earth and which comprise of materials that are friendly to living creatures and to the environment.

We are currently looking for collaborators to assist us as we continue further improvement in energy conversion and durability of the device. For more information about this technology, please contact Dr. Iida via the Japan Technology Group at info@japantechnologygroup.com.


Research Team Leader: Dr. Tsutomu Iida, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

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