Venture Capital Investments Increase for Third Quarter

Clean Technology and Life Sciences sectors main drivers of venture funding. Seed and early stage deals experience increase.

According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and National Venture Capital Association Money Tree report, total venture capital investments for Q3 2009 was $4.8 billion, with 637 total deals completed. Compared to the previous quarter, this represented a seventeen percent increase in terms of dollars invested. However, most Money Tree industry sectors experienced decreases in total investment for Q3 2009, including Electronics/Instrumentation (-55%), Telecommunications (-17%), and Semiconductors (-14%).

While deal volume rose for seed and early stage investments, there was a four percent decline in total dollars invested compared to the previous quarter. Companies receiving venture financing for the first time (First-time financing, as defined by Money Tree) also declined in terms of total dollars; companies in Biotechnology, Industrial/Energy, and Software received the largest first time financing amounts.

Money Tree venture capital data is provided by Thomson Reuters.

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