Australian Aquaculture Innovation Finds Commercial Partner

James Cook University-developed method for ‘super’ seaweed will enter into agreement with South Pacific company

Information Courtesy of UniQuest, Australia

The IP for enhancing the growth and quality of the tropical aquatic vegetable “Green Caviar” (Caulerpa lentillifera) is set to enter the Asian seafood market. The $1.4 million investment has been negotiated for James Cook University (JCU) by its commercialization partner, UniQuest. South Pacific Seaweeds is a private company formed by Queensland-based investor and aquaculture entrepreneur, Brian Russell. Mr Russell has worked extensively with Far North Queensland businesses and government departments to develop the region’s seafood industry.

In its primary market of Japan, Green Caviar or “Umibudo” is considered a delicacy. Despite a relatively short cycle from planting to harvesting, seasonal conditions in Japan mean supply cannot meet demand. JCU researchers Prof Rocky de Nys and Dr Nicholas Paul have developed a means of producing high-quality Green Caviar that can be grown and exported year round with improved taste, shelf life and appearance.

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