Yissum Develops New Antiviral Hand Sanitizer

EtoCleanTM, a new antiviral hand sanitizer, completely inactivates the swine flu virus

Story Courtesy of Yissum, Israel

The novel product was invented by Professor Elka Touitou from the School of Pharmacy of the faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is being developed by Novel Therapeutic Technologies (NTT), a spin-off company of Yissum.

Results of tests conducted on clinically isolated H1N1 virus from patients, the actual pandemic strain of the virus, demonstrate that the innovative composition completely inactivates the swine flu virus within 15 seconds of exposure. The tests were carried out according to the American Society for Testing and Materials protocol in a FDA certified laboratory in the U.S.

The new sanitizer exhibits microbicidal and antiviral properties effective for sanitizing a variety of surfaces, foods and skin. The novel sanitizer compositions contain GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) ingredients, which are safe for use and environmentally friendly.

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