BIND Biosciences, Inc. Closes $11M Financing Round

Company is leveraging its Medicinal NanoengineeringTM platform for advanced drug production

Story content courtesy of BIND Biosciences, Inc.

BIND’s Medicinal Nanoengineering platform is based on a combinatorial technology that allows for precise engineering of optimally designed targeted nanoparticles that substantially increase the clinical efficacy and safety of existing and new therapeutics. The proceeds of this financing will be used to advance BIND’s preclinical product pipeline to clinical trials and expand its product development capabilities.

The financing was led by DHK Investment, representing David H. Koch, with participation by all existing investors, Polaris Venture Partners, Flagship Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners and NanoDimension, as well as new private investors.

“I worked closely with the academic inventors, Robert Langer and Omid Farokhzad, during the formative years of this technology,” said David Koch, Executive Vice President and Director, Koch Industries. “I am impressed by the progress that BIND has made in translating this science from the bench towards the clinic.”

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