Seaside Therapeutics and Vanderbilt University Medical Center Enter into Collaborative Research Agreement

Research will focus on treatment for brain development disorders

Story content courtesy of Seaside Therapeutics

The collaborative research agreement will work to discover and develop small molecules targeting neurologic receptors implicated in disorders of brain development, such as Fragile X Syndrome and autism. The targets, muscarinic acetylcholine subtype 1 (M1) receptors, are known to regulate learning and memory. Initial research conducted by Seaside suggests that inhibiting M1 receptor signaling could provide therapeutic benefit for individuals with disorders of brain development.

Scientists at Vanderbilt, led by Jeffrey Conn, Ph.D., Director of the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery and a member of Seaside’s Scientific Advisory Board, have identified novel small molecule compounds that are M1 antagonists. Vanderbilt will work exclusively with Seaside on the discovery, development, optimization and eventual selection of lead compounds for continued study in disorders of brain development.

This agreement is the second collaborative project between Seaside and Vanderbilt.

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