More than 60 Start-Up Companies to Present at TechConnect Venture Forum

TechConnect Ventures focuses on promising young companies utilizing nanotechnology, cleantechnology, and biotech.

The TechConnect Venture Forum, which will take place June 24 at the Anaheim Convention Center, is one of the world’s largest forums for young companies utilizing nanoscale technologies, cleantechnologies, and biotechnologies.

Each presenting Venture has been pre-screened by the TechConnect Advisory Committee, which has more than 70 members representing leading business, investment, and research organizations from around the world.

The TechConnect Venture Forum will open with presentations from leading corporate venture capitalists, including Applied Materials, Honda, Panasonic, Samsung, and Siemens.

TechConnect Ventures covers more than a dozen industry sectors impacted by emerging technologies, including advanced materials, renewable energy, traditional energy, electronics, and biotech/pharma.

TechConnect is pleased to have the support of the National Venture Capital Association and several leading venture firms, including Atrium Capital, Rockport Capital, NanoDimension AG, Harris & Harris Group, and In-Q-Tel.

To view the list of presenting companies in Anaheim, please visit:

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