Natcore Technology Acquires Vanguard Solar

Acquisition will strengthen Natcore’s portfolio of solar energy IP

Natcore Technology, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is the exclusive licensee of a thin-film growth technology, exclusively licensed from Rice University. The novel technology enables room-temperature growth of various silicon oxides on silicon wafers in a liquid phase deposition (LPD) process. Vanguard Solar has a proprietary chemical bath deposition (CBD) technology that they claim is a very low-investment, low-cost process for coating carbon nanotubes (CNT's) with high-quality conformal semiconductor crystalline film. Two of Natcore’s scientific founders, who also founded Vanguard Solar, felt that the integration of Vanguard Solar’s technology into Natcore's intellectual property portfolio would ensure continued expansion of the depth and breadth of Natcore's impact on the solar industry.

TechConnect News Note: Vanguard Solar was selected to present at the TechConnect Venture Forum in 2009 in Houston, TX.

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