Using Nano to Treat Acne

UC-San Diego research team delivers acne treatment via “nano-bombs”

Graduate student Ms. Dissaya Pornpattananangkul and Professor Liangfang Zhang have co-developed a nano-delivery system to deliver lauric acid directly to the bacteria that causes acne.

The smart delivery system employs gold nanoparticles that attach to the surfaces of lauric, acid-filled "nano-bombs." In their research paper, the team notes that once the liposomes reach the bacterial membranes, the acidic microenvironment causes the gold nanoparticles drop off, thus allowing the lauric acid to kill the bacteria that causes the acne. This innovative treatment could lessen the side effects of current methods to treat acne, which often include redness, burning, and for some sufferers, treatments have little or no effect on the acne itself.

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