University of South Carolina (USC) Reaches Agreement with DuPont on RAFT Technology

RAFT technology was invented by CSIRO, Australia, in partnership with DuPont

The agreement between USC and DuPont allows the university to partner with other companies as it works to discover advanced polymers and nanocomposites. RAFT technology was developed over a decade ago by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, in collaboration with DuPont. The technology has transformed the way polymers science is done, and has resulted in more than 200 patents. USC notes that by reaching this agreement, the university will now have an easier path to bring technology from the university labs to the marketplace.

TechConnect News Note: CSIRO has presented technologies for several years at the annual TechConnect Summit, the world’s largest forum for emerging technology development and commercialization in the areas of nanotechnology, cleantechnology, and the life sciences. To learn more about the TechConnect Summit 2011, taking place June 13-16, 2011 in Boston, MA, US, please visit

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