GoNano Technologies Signs Distribution Agreement with Strem Chemicals

Strem to market and sell GoNano’s Nanospring products to its global customers

Strem Chemicals is based in Massachusetts; GoNano is located in Idaho. GoNano Technologies sees Strem as an optimal partner because of the company’s strong catalog and online presence, as well as its sizable customer base of laboratories in academia, industry, and government arenas. GoNano is less than four years old, and develops and manufactures eco-friendly high surface area nanomaterials for areas including pollution control and sensory technologies.

TechConnect News Note: GoNano Technologies presented and was an exhibitor at the 2010 TechConnect Summit in Anaheim, CA, US. To view their profile, please visit: http://www.techconnectworld.com/Summit2010/a.html?i=40152

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