LG Display and QD Vision to Develop QLED-Based Displays

Korean electronics giant will join forces with US-based QD Vision to create next generation display technology

The two companies entered into the joint agreement to develop high efficiency, lower-cost, and ultra-performance active-matrix displays based on electroluminescent quantum dot LED (QLED) nanotechnology. The displays will be formed using patterned thin films of QD Vision quantum dots to create a direct-view, active-matrix display. QD Vision, based in Massachusetts, was founded on nanotechnology IP developed at MIT.

TechConnect Note: Seth Coe-Sullivan, Co-Founder and CTO of QD Vision, was a speaker at the National Nanotechnology Initiative’s Nanotechnology Innovation Summit, which took place December 8-10, in Washington, DC. TechConnect was a supporting organization of the NNI Summit. To view the Summit agenda and all speakers, please visit: http://www.nsti.org/events/NNI/program/.

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