FluimediX Receives Patent Protection from China for Its “contact free cell lysis” technology

Company also appoints microfluidics executive to its Board as it continues to develop its NanoCycler™ platform

FluimediX is a point-of-care diagnostic company located in Denmark. Regarding the company’s latest Board announcement, Mr. Ove Öhman has extensive professional experience in diagnostics, holding senior management roles for diagnostic companies including Åmic AB (which was acquired by J&J in 2008), Biacore, and Fiomi Diagnostics AB. FluimediX believes its patented contact free cell lysis technology has advantages over existing approaches for inducing cell lysis, including “simple implementation, the use of inexpensive components, and the exclusion of harsh chemicals that may otherwise interfere with subsequent processes,” according to the release. The company’s novel technology is currently in the international patent phase (PCT) in the US, Europe and Japan.

TechConnect News Note: Mr. Tomas Ussing, CEO and Founder of FluimediX, has been selected to present at multiple Nanotech-TechConnect Ventures in California and Massachusetts. To view a summary of FluimediX, please visit: http://www.techconnectworld.com/World2010/a.html?i=40194.

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