Angstron Materials Develops World’s First Commercial Graphene Application

Angstron’s nanomaterials currently being used by large manufacturer of actuator and sensing components for consumer electronics

Angstron Materials’ single layer graphene has been demonstrated to exhibit higher electrical properties when compared to other nanomaterials including CNTs. Angstron is also the leading producer of nano graphene platelets (NGPs). The company believes NGPs offer enhanced material performance and unsurpassed barrier, electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. Electronic products targeted by the company for its NGPs include smart phones, computer peripherals, POS kiosks and industrial controls.

TechConnect Note: Angstron Materials exhibited at the NNI’s National Nanotechnology Summit in Washington, DC last month, and has been selected to present at several NSTI-TechConnect Venture Forums in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. To view the profile of Angstron Materials, please visit:

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Austin, TX, December 1-3, 2015

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