GoNano Technologies awarded NSF Phase I SBIR Grant

Federal grant will fund further development of Nanospring-based Four-Way Catalytic Converter for Diesel Engines

Story content courtesy of GoNano Technologies, Inc.

GoNano is an Idaho-based materials company specializing in the development of high surface area Nanospring™ materials. The $149,000 Phase I grant will be used towards demonstrating the technical feasibility of a novel four-way catalytic converter for diesel emissions. While there is ongoing research to combine multiple functions into a single catalytic converter, GoNano is applying its proprietary Nanospring technology to improve on current concepts.

"Pending changes in the regulatory environment have given way to opportunity in diesel emission catalytic converters and particulate mitigation,” notes Tim Kinkeade, CEO of GoNano Technologies, in the release. In 2013, stricter EPA requirements for diesel emissions standards will come into effect. These new regulations will affect carbon emissions both in terms of allowable particle size and number of particles. "Engineering the morphology of the inner surface of the Catalytic Converters is a novel approach and has the potential to increase reactivity through higher exposed surface area, decrease light-off temperature through smaller particle size, and decrease cost through reduced amounts of PGM," adds Dr. Giancarlo Corti, Vice President of Research and Development.

TechConnect News Note: GoNano Technologies was selected to present at NSTI Nanotech-TechConnect Venture Forum on June 24 in Anaheim, CA, US. To view their profile, please visit: http://www.techconnectworld.com/Summit2010/a.html?i=40152.

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