Fujitsu Develops World's First Process Technology for Copper-Internal-Electrode-based Capacitors for High-Speed LSIs

Improves current-flow efficiency by 10-fold; contributes toward the development of next-generation high-speed computers

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu, Japan

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced the development of a process technology to produce capacitors (*1) for high-speed LSI chips, which as a world's first employs copper for internal electrodes. The use of copper for internal electrodes lowers the impedance (*2) of the capacitor itself, and by mounting the capacitor directly below the LSI chip, impedance from the circuits can also be reduced, resulting in increase of current-flow efficiency by 10 times compared to previously available technology. The new technology is expected to enable the next generation of high-speed computers to operate at even higher speeds.

Fujitsu Laboratories will continue with development of technologies to enable miniaturization of the capacitor terminals and multi-layering, aiming to apply this new technology to computers around 2015.

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