Yisum and Vaxan Steel Sign Agreement on Printed Electronics Ink

The Tech transfer company of Hebrew University, Israel, will collaborate with Korean company on novel nanoparticles for inks.
Silver is the most conductive of all metals, and copper-coated silver nanoparticles make for less expensive, conductive inks—an ideal application for printed electronics. As part of the agreement, Vaxan will receive a license from Yissum to commercialize the technology exclusively in Asia, and the university will receive compensation for research plus royalties from future sales. The co-inventors of the conductive inks are Professor Shlomo Magdassi, Dr. Alexander Kamyshny and Michael Grouchko from the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University. According to releases, Vaxan will use the silver and silver-coated copper nanoparticles for several industrial applications, including semiconductors, LEDs, and OLEDs.

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