Liquidia Technologies Receives $10 Million from Gates Foundation to Develop Advanced Vaccines

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s investment to be used to support Liquidia’s PRINT® technology that improves vaccine delivery and efficacy

Liquidia’s proprietary PRINT technology delivers superior control of particle size, shape, and chemistry in both a highly consistent and scalable manufacturing process. This particle platform gives Liquidia the ability to creatw the potential to advance cost-effective, effective vaccines. Liquidia’s investment from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is part o the Foundation’s $400 Million commitment in program-related investments, which includes equity investments and low-interest loans for projects and companies that are within the focus areas of The Foundation. Liquidia was founded by a group of professors and researchers at UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the company recently completed a successful Series C round of venture financing.

TechConnect News Note: Liquidia Technologies presented at Nanotech-TechConnect Ventures in 2006 in Boston. On behalf of the NSTI and TechConnect, we congratulate Liquidia on their latest financing achievement.

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