Fujitsu Achieves World's Smallest and Slimmest Vein Sensor

High-speed image capture and automatic verification features enable faster palm vein authenticatio

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu, Japan

Fujitsu announced its achievement of the world's smallest and slimmest contact-free vein authentication sensor out of the previous plethora of vein authentication devices including those for the finger or back of the hand. The sensor's smaller and slimmer form factor makes it easy to incorporate into the design of personal computers and other electronic devices.

In biometric authentication, as ease-of-use has a direct impact on user comfort. Fujitsu has sought both robust security and superior user-friendliness for its palm vein authentication technology. Vein authentication has been widely adopted as a means of personal identification at financial institutions, and as a computer login and room entrance control method at corporations.

Compared to finger veins, palm veins are more numerous and create complex patterns, resulting in a higher volume of data. Consequently, the system's recognition accuracy is extremely high, with a false-negatives rate of 0.01% and a false-positives rate of 0.00008%.

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