Cambrios and Toray to Collaborate on Transparent Conductive PET Films

Cambrios to provide its ClearOhm Coating to Toray Advanced Film

Cambrios believes its ClearOhm material offers simpler patterning, less expensive deposition options, and excellent flexibility compared to current transparent conductive coatings. Toray Advanced Film of Japan is the world’s leading supplier of several base films and cutting-edge processed film products. The ClearOhm material, developed by Cambrios of California, will be integrated into a line of transparent conductive PET films. The PET films are used in touch screens for advanced industrial and consumer electronics, including smart phones and tablet computers. As part of the agreement, Toray also made a strategic investment in Cambrios.

NWN Note: Mr. Tomoya Yamashiki, Director of Corporate Research & Business Development, Toray, will give a presentation in TechConnect Summit’s Corporate Partnering Program, which is part of the NSTI Nanotech full program in Boston. To view the Nanotech program, visit:

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