Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory opens High Performance Computing (HPC) Innovation Center for collaboration with industry

The HPC Innovation Center (HPCIC) makes available to industry more than two decades of experience as a global leader in supercomputing.

The innovation center will facilitate national lab/industry collaboration, applying high performance computing to product design, development and manufacturing, data management and the operation of complex energy and communication systems. Industries expected to benefit from the use of HPC range from aerospace, automotive and transportation to utilities, energy, health care, finance, materials manufacturing, nanotechnology and consumer electronics.

To fulfill its primary mission to ensure the safety, security and reliability of the nation's aging nuclear deterrent without testing, LLNL, in partnership with IBM, has developed and deployed some of the fastest supercomputers, including BlueGene/L.

The HPCIC also will allow multi-partner collaboration that could include other government agencies, research institutions and academia. To learn more about the benefits of HPC or to arrange a briefing, please visit this link:

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