Fujitsu Succeeds at Large-Scale Calculations Enabling the Computational Design of Novel Nanodevices

Supercomputer employed to simulate the electrical properties of 1,000-atom models

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has succeeded at simulating the electrical properties of 1,000-atom models, thereby laying the groundwork for the computational design of novel nanodevices. By eliminating the necessity of repetitive testing as had been required in the past, the new technology is expected to cut costs and accelerate the commercialization of nanodevices.

At the nanoscale, minor differences in the local atomic configuration can have a major impact on the electrical properties of a device. Consequently, it has been impossible to accurately predict the electrical properties of a new structure's configuration using existing data. By employing the "first-principles method" - which can accurately calculate physical properties only from the data of the atomic configuration - to perform highly efficient parallel computations of large-scale calculations, Fujitsu Laboratories was able to simulate the electrical properties of 1,000-atom models, a prerequisite of nanodevice design.

The new technology opens the door to the design of exceptionally high-speed, energy-efficient nanodevices that break totally new ground with their development.

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