Quantum Dot Based Technology Alliance Targets Major Diseases

Quantum Dot Manufacturer and Biomedical Nanotech Company Technology Alliance Targets Alzheimer’s, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer and Major Depression

Story content courtesy of Quantum Materials Corporation, US

The Alliance will develop new nanomedicine products for both diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications incorporating quantum dot technology. Quantum Materials Corp tetrapod quantum dots (QD) and other QD semiconductor nanocrystals will serve as multiplexing platforms for NanoAxis’ theranostic therapies in targeting receptors, imaging cells and tissues, and drug delivery of pharmaceutical compounds.

The Alliance will also develop new quantum dot biological microarray assays (QD-MI) devices using quantum dot technology for real time measurement of various cancer biomarkers for research, clinical applications, and product development.

Dr. Bob Glass, CTO of Quantum Materials said in the release, “We are entering an exciting new age of nanotechnology utilizing our tetrapod quantum dots made from a variety of chemicals. When merged with pharmacology, the implications for new techniques of drug delivery and interactions push the imagination.”

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