Crocus Technology and IBM Announce Joint Development Agreement

Agreement encompasses both a technology license and mutual access to patents
p>Story content courtesy of NanoDimension AG, US and CH

IBM’s appetite to enter this partnership lends significant credibility to the developing MRAM market as well as to Crocus’ novel, market-leading technology.

By combining Crocus’ TAS and MLU platforms with IBM’s MRAM technology and processing capabilities, Crocus and IBM will be able to develop some of the most advanced magnetic memory products in the mainstream semiconductor industry.

According to Crocus CEO Bertrand Cambou, “this partnership will allow us to offer our customers the highest quality and most cost-effective memory solutions for their strategic initiatives” and enable MRAM to become “the mainstream of the mainstream.”

TechConnect Note: NanoDimension AG is a member of the TechConnect Nanotech Venture Advisory Committee. NanoDimension AG has experienced a solid Q3 investment quarter. Highlights include:

Soladigm passed the NREL 50K cycle durability test and was selected as an AlwaysOn GoingGreen Global 200 company.

Selecta Biosciences announced a collaboration with the SAIC / NAID to develop a malaria vaccine and was named to the FierceBiotech’s 2011 Fierce 15 list.

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