Cabot Signs License Agreement with XG Sciences, Inc. for Its Graphene Technology

XG’s xGnP ® graphene nanoplatelets technology will be added to Cabot’s expanding graphene technology portfolio.
As part of the IP agreement, Cabot will license the rights to XG's xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets technology and its manufacturing process. Graphenes increase strength, electrical and thermal conductivity, enhancing the performance of advanced materials used in car plastics, electronics packaging, and advanced batteries. Through this latest investment in developing graphene technology, Cabot adds to its expertise in materials science, advanced manufacturing techniques, and surface treatments.

TechConnect News Note: XG Sciences, Inc., was a presenter at the TechConnect Venture Forum in 2009 in Houston, TX. Cabot Corporation was a featured speaker at the 2011 Nanotech-TechConnect World Corporate Partnering Program. We congratulate XG Sciences, Inc. and Cabot Corporation on this latest announcement!

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