Kodak and Heraeus achieve breakthrough in films for electronic touch screen applications

A new resistive touch screen panel made with a Kodak transparent conductive film was demonstrated for the first time.

Story content courtesy of Kodak

The touch screen panel features a Kodak high conductive (HCF) polyester film that utilizes a surface coating made by the Heraeus Conductive Polymers Division, marking a change in the way touch screen displays used in computers, smart phones and other electronic devices may be manufactured in the future.

The two companies have been experimenting with a variety of films and formulations to create a touch screen that provides superior performance, flexibility, stability, transparency, neutral color and low haze - all at an economic price, and as a working alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

"Kodak’s high quality conductive films and large scale coating capabilities, combined with Heraeus' advanced technologies and patterning techniques, offer breakthrough capabilities for applications looking for a competitive technology to ITO," said Mark Juba, General Manager, Industrial Materials Group, Eastman Kodak Company. Juba notes, "The touch screen panel received plenty of traction and has provoked interest in numerous sectors. It held up very well and was easily removable from the PC for assessing transparency without disturbing the registration."

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