Swiss Company Receives First US EPA Approval for Its Antimicrobial Silver

HeiQ Materials’ nanosilver AGS-20 will be integrated into textiles for moisture and odor repellency in clothing and medical products.

HeiQ Materials’ proprietary product is a composite of nanosilver and nanoscale silica. The company was granted a four year conditional registration for its AGS-20 nanosilver. “The EPA has approved HeiQ AGS-20 in part because it could lead to less silver released in the environment while providing longer protection against the growth of odor and contamination causing microbes,” notes Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ Materials, in the release. The EPA currently views nanomaterials as a pesticide, and it is a requirement that all nanomaterials be registered before they enter the US market, so this latest announcement by HeiQ Materials will hopefully lead future companies to register their nanomaterials.

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