Leonardo Biosystems and NanoMedical Systems Sign Collaboration Deal

Agreement is for manufacturing scale up of Leonardo's nanoparticles

Story content courtesy of Arrowhead Research Corporation, US

The two emerging drug delivery companies signed a development contract in which NanoMedical Systems (NMS) will develop and establish a commercial process to manufacture nanoporous silicon particles for Leonardo's multi-stage drug delivery system, preparing their manufacturing particles to be suitable for clinical trials. "Our medical device engineering quality system is designed to produce an FDA-compliant process that will bring Leonardo to the doorstep of clinical testing of their innovative drug delivery products,” notes Randy Goodall, President and CEO of NanoMedical Systems.

TechConnect News Note: NanoMedical Systems was selected to present at TechConnect Ventures 2011, Boston, MA. To view the company’s profile, visit: http://www.techconnectworld.com/Summit2011/a.html?i=40297.

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