nanoLambda unveils apollo™, its nano plasmonic sensor platform, for everyday personal applications, at CES 2012

nanoLambda was selected to present at TechConnect Ventures 2011 in Boston, MA, US

nanoLambda, Inc., a nano technology startup, announced today that its nano plasmonic sensor platform, apollo™, is now available to development partners for beta testing. apolloTM is a sensor platform for broad range of light, color and material sensing applications. Examples include, but not limited to, bio-chemical detection, wearable health monitoring, environment monitoring, LED sensing, solar light sensing, and accurate color measurement. "Our apollo™ technology allows the conventional optical spectrometer equipment to become a sensor chip," said Bill Choi, CEO of nanoLambda. "The sensor is smaller than 4mm x 4mm x 3mm in size and the cost will be affordable for most personal devices such as smart phones, enabling personal everyday applications."

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