Fujitsu Group's First Geothermal Heat Extraction System Deployed at Nagano Plant

Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by effectively utilizing natural energy

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu Limited, JP

Fujitsu recently announced the first deployment within the Fujitsu Group of a geothermal heat extraction system at its Nagano Plant. The new system will begin operations this month.

The new system employs heat extraction pipes that have been embedded in the ground beneath the plant. Geothermal heat extracted from these pipes is used as a heat source to power water heater equipment for air conditioners used in clean rooms and other 24/7 facilities. By leveraging geothermal heat, which excels in terms of its stability and cost, Fujitsu expects to cut its annual fuel consumption by roughly 47kL (crude oil equivalent) and annual CO2 emissions by roughly 120 tons compared to the existing system.

In the future, after verifying the effectiveness of the new system and collecting

operational know-how, Fujitsu will explore lateral application of the system to other Fujitsu Group locations.

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